E-verything: How to map out a viable e-strategy


The book was written back in 2000 but was launched in Apr 2001. By the time the book hit the stores the Internet boom had turned to Internet gloom with the carcasses of failed dot-coms littering the front pages of newspapers and journals alike. The media was calling Internet dead-on-arrival and many analysts were running over each other to write obituaries for the failed enterprises or creating case-studies to be used in their consulting engagements. In the midst of all this the technology marched on resiliently, quietly and, as they say, the rest is history.

In my book I had envisioned how the future will look like and wrote about ‘a preview of life in 2007’ to explain some of the ideas that I saw evolving. I think it’s a good time to take a stock of how accurate I was in my vision. Before you read on keep in mind that I had written this in mid-2000, when blue-tooth was touted as the wireless technology of the future, wi-fi was still evolving, dial-up connections topped off at 56.6Kbps and 128Kbps DSL were elitist technologies, a 32” plasma TV cost ~US $40,000/-, cell-phones were analog and Palm had launched its first generation of PDA.

Here are few things I had envisioned back then…

Internet Radios: Prevalent in the US but not global yet. Still limited to one-way streaming. Some social networking interaction but still a little way to go. I think the challenges are more legal than technical!

Smart TVs / Interactive TVs: Almost there from hardware perspective but lagging in software. Huge opportunity still exists for software products

Digital Home: Still a nascent field

Digital Readers: Mostly there with tablets and other e-readers. Customization and personalization software is reasonably good. Few missing pieces

Prevalent video conferencing: Not yet evolved as per my vision. Still stuck in the decade old model!  Watch out for VR and AR

‘Friends and Family’ network: I should have called it social-network 🙂 One word… Facebook!

Smartphones and GPS: Yes! Close to what I had envisioned

Various service providers: Limited evolution from where we were a decade ago. Opportunities exist for product developers especially with Cloud computing becoming the latest buzz in town
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