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The twig and the rock

Smugly, the rock said, “Look at me. I can bend the river around me”. The twig, resting in the embrace of blades of grass, responded, “I think you resist the flow”. “The flow is dangerous! It poses risks…”, after a moment of pause the rock said, “… sometimes fatal”. The twig thought for a moment,… Read More »


In one of my earlier posts, Yearning, I mentioned that sometimes it’s not the  words that claw at your heart but a picture that seizes your gaze. It then sprouts words that come together to form a prose or a poem. When my nephew, Siddharth, posted this picture on Facebook I felt this compulsion to… Read More »

Prisons of the mind

During my recent cleaning of the bookshelf, Dr. Viktor Frankl’s classic book Man’s search for meaning fell off the shelf as if to grab my attention. I thumbed through it in a hurry to get back to the task but the following lines would not let me look away till I sat down and thought… Read More »


More than the letter mentioned in the FB post, I found this picture (credit: unknown) very captivating. Sometimes it’s not the  words that claw at your heart but a picture that seizes your gaze. It then sprouts words that come together to form a prose or a poem. Then, there are times when a picture… Read More »

Bonsai life

  As the green thumb in our house will tell you that my knowledge of flower and fauna is limited to the question – does it need water? – I was surprised at myself when I got intrigued by Bonsai. This is a Japanese art form and tradition that goes back more than a thousand… Read More »

The baggage we carry

Watched the movie ‘Pink’. Risking the wrath of armchair activists at home, I dare say that the movie was below average, but it did make me think. The social norms, prejudices, perceptions and character judgments shaped by media and society, influence each of us on a daily basis. It is said that a lie repeated… Read More »

What is, will continue to be

It’s only when there’s some disruption to one’s life that it hits you how much we live in presumption of continuity.  Be it loss of job, a loved one, a friend, relationship or even something very small that you held dear, like an emotional anchor, that you are confronted with reality of change and discontinuity.… Read More »


Words – they tear you apart, cajole you, excite you, motivate you, make you cry or make you laugh laugh and experience a range of emotions.  Sometimes… just sometimes, you hear or read something and then those words clamp up your heart, nibble at your soul and drop themselves in your psyche like a boat… Read More »


My stress was stressing me out further.  The more I tried to calm my mind more it added to the stress.  My mind refused to obey my mind… well, for the record, so does my body. Then I read somewhere that meditation can help.  There seem to be many different techniques but the most links… Read More »

…and you may contribute a verse!

RIP Robin Williams.  For me, one of his most memorable performances was in Dead Poets Society.  I still remember his recital of Walt Whitman’s poem – O Me! O Life!  Having heard and read the news of his tragic suicide the thought that came to my mind – is this how it ends?  Many more… Read More »