About me

My professional journey:

I have been working in hi-tech industry since 1985 focused on software and enterprise solutions. I started may career as a software engineer in India and have worked across many roles and organizations both in India and US. After spending many years in the US I relocated to Bangalore in 2001 to help Intel setup and grow their eBG/IT group in India. I relocated back to US in 2012. Over the last few years my primary focus has been organizational and technical leadership roles where I have managed geographically dispersed organizations, global strategic initiatives and emerging technological programs.

I was strategy and technical advisor to ‘IndiaConnect.com’ – the first portal to focus on India – right from its inception in 1995 and helped it grow to where it served more than a million hits per month.  I also served as technical advisor to another startup, Chingari, which developed software for managing product development cycle. My professional expertise lies in strategy, technology, leadership and management of technology. I am currently on advisory board of EQTribe.

More on my professional experience can be found at – my LinkedIn profile

My writing journey:

Writing has been my hobby since young age. I started writing short-stories and humorous articles for my school magazine when I was 10. In my college years I picked up controversial subjects, like atheism, to write for the college magazine and continued to develop my writing skills over the years. Between 1986 and 1989 I contributed to a community magazine in New Delhi as my focus shifted to social topics.

After moving to US in 1990, I focused my writing on subjects of technology and strategy. I have published articles on strategy and management of technology for magazines like Silicon India, Dataquest and e-zines. I published my first book (e-verything.com: How to map out a viable e-strategy) in 2001. I kept my fiction writing a private affair till, with consistent pestering by a friend, I published my collection of stories and poems ‘Conversations’ with American Book Publishing in 2009. The India edition of Conversations was released by Leadstart in 2011. My book on Cloud Computing was published by Tata McGraw Hill in 2011.

My upcoming book focuses on critical soft-skills and career management.